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Delivery charge

Delivery charges are calculated from our logistic center in The Netherlands, to your location. Delivery is not included in the product price you see on the website. Prices for delivery are different for each country. You can find out your delivery prices by using the calculation tool on this page. Prices for transport are listed per single trolley. Prices listed are prices by our partners (external companies).

What are my delivery costs?

We deliver to all European countries. The exact shipping costs depend on your location and the number of trolleys ordered. To view prices for your location, click on your country.

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Quality & Insurance

All transport is done by our partners with temperature controlled transport (constant 14-17 degrees celsius). All transport is insured for general product damage and temperature damage (frostbite, heat, etc.). Price for insurance is included in the price of the products.

Plant trolleys

All orders are shipped on special plant carts. Upon delivery, you have two options:

  • You can empty the trolleys and return them to the driver within 10 minutes.

  • You can exchange them with empty carts from a previous order.

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