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Payment methods

The following payment methods are accepted:

Not accepted: cash payment, payment on delivery, or cheques.


At FlorAccess we accept various currencies:

  • EUR

  • GBP

  • PLN

  • CZK

  • CHF

  • SEK

  • DKK

  • HUF

  • BGN

  • RON

  • NOK

  • HRK

Payment terms

After you have placed your order, you will receive your invoice.
Once payment is received, your order will be processed.

We offer Buy Now, Pay Later to customers in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom.

Minimum order value

FlorAccess is a wholesale company, available for professionals only.
All orders above €600.00 will be processed.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

As FlorAccess is a professional service, prices are listed without VAT.
If your business is VAT registered, no VAT is added to your invoice.
If you are not VAT registered, VAT is added to your invoice according to Dutch tax law.

  • VAT on plants is 9%.

  • VAT on transport is 21%.

For our clients in the United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland), the VAT applied on the invoice is 20%, in compliance with UK requirements.

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