Ordering at FlorAccess

Ordering your plants at FlorAccess

FlorAccess is a service for professionals. With FlorAccess you can order your plants directly from a wide network of suppliers. You simply select the products that you require, FlorAccess collects all products fresh and delivers them to your company.

To guarantee the quality of your products, all products are shipped on special plant trolleys, which is common in this industry.

FlorAccess helps you to visualise your order. You can easily see how much space you have left. Shipping is calculated per single trolley.

Step 1: Register your business

Before you can order you need to register your company (open a business account). Opening an account is free and without any obligations

Open a free business account

You can open a business account here. Your account is active immediately.

Step 2: Select the products you need

Simply click on the products that you need and add them to your order. You can combine products from multiple suppliers per order.

The plants are sold in a certain quantity per product. The exact number in which the plants are sold is indicated on each page.

Add products to your order

We offer you a wide selection of fresh products. Can't find what you're looking for? Let us know!

Step 3: Select transport date of your choice

When you have selected all products you need, you can select a desired delivery date.

Step 4: Confirmation of your order

When you have selected all your products and your desired delivery date, all you have to do is to confirm the order.

Within a few hours (workdays) you’ll receive your invoice.

Step 5: Payment & processing of your order

Processing of your order starts automatically as soon as payment of the invoice has been received.

For regular clients, there are extended payment options available. Please ask us for the possibilities.

Read more about payment

Step 6: Collection and quality inspection

All your products are collected fresh after your order, this takes in total 1-3 days.

FlorAccess brings all products from all different suppliers to the central FlorAccess' logistics center in The Netherlands.

The products are checked at our quality control

At the logistics center, all products are combined and receive a final quality inspection. Following inspection, your order is shipped directly to you with temperature-controlled transport.

Step 7: Delivery of your order

Your order arrives at your desired delivery date. FlorAccess coordinates the delivery of your order with our transport partners.

Read more about delivery

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