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FlorAccess has successfully set up all that is needed to fully support our customers in the UK. This means that our team takes care of all paperwork that is needed, so you don’t have to. This includes phytosanitary inspections, customers papers, VAT registration of the products coming into the UK and lastly the PEACH application. FlorAccess is a registered PEACH Agent with Defra. This means that we can file these applications on your behalf. This saves you a lot of valuable time.

On this page you can find what you need to prepare to receive your first order from us. After that, no additional action is needed.

What you need to prepare for your first order:

There are a few things that you need to arrange prior to your first order. After that our team can process upcoming orders without additional actions required. Once you’ve set this up, you’re good to go. FlorAccess will take care of the rest.

  • Obtain an EORI number

  • Obtain a PEACH registration

  • Link FlorAccess as your PEACH agent

  • Register your business as a Place of Destination (POD)

The process is relatively quick and should take about 2 - 4 days to complete. Check out our checklist with more detailed instructions and links.

Prior to ordering - Checklist
PEACH Frequently Asked Questions

Phytosanitary checks and PEACH

Before plants can enter the UK, they have to be officially inspected for harmful organisms. Our team arranges this for you. On the day of departure we will also file the PEACH declaration on your behalf. This lets the authorities know about your incoming order and allows us to upload proof of phytosanitary checks. FlorAccess is a registered Agent with Defra, which allows us to file PEACH applications on your behalf.

Added VAT, clearance fees and phyto certification

Due to Brexit, additional paperwork is required. Per shipment, some fees will be included for export declarations, import declarations, and phytosanitary inspection and certification. These fees will typically amount to around €65.00 per shipment. Furthermore, the HMRC requires us to add 20% VAT to all incoming shipments. This amount will be added to your invoice.

Lastly, the APHA charges an additional £ 24.00 for processing your PEACH application. They will invoice you directly. Please contact APHA for the exact and most up-to-date charges

Need a hand? We're here to help

Should you be needing anything at all, please let us know. You can reach us by e-mail via, by phone via +31 30 2600 900, or you can chat with our team using the chat option on your website.


Prior to ordering - Checklist
PEACH Frequently Asked Questions

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