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This page describes current Brexit procedures and how to prepare your business for the transition ahead. It will be continuously updated as more information becomes available.

Questions? Contact the FlorAccess Brexit Team
As you can expect from us, FlorAccess has a team that is guiding the transition coming up on january 1st. You can reach them via or via phone on: +31 30 2600 900.
FlorAccess has done all it can to prepare for Brexit
FlorAccess has just finalised all necessary documents to prepare for Brexit, together with our various transport partners in the Netherlands and the UK, phytosanitary institutions and Dutch & UK customs and our clearing partner in the UK. Preparation has taken quite the effort, but together with our partners we are certain that delays and annoyances will be kept to a minimum.
Where can I find more information from the UK government?
Your government has made a checklist for you to follow, which can be found here:
Phytosanitary Documents
It is currently not entirely clear what new phytosanitary procedures will be. More is announced after the Brexit talks mid December. It looks like low level phytosanitary restrictions will come in place, although the vast majority of products you normally order with FlorAccess are exempt. More information is expected in 2021. Till end of March 2021 no changes have been announced yet as to current procedures.
What do I need to do myself?
Get an EORI number
From 1 January 2021 you’ll need an EORI number to import goods between Great Britain and the EU. Apply for an EORI number as soon as possible. It can take up to a week to get one. If you have an EORI number, please email this to us via
Update December 3rd
It is currently not yet known what will happen with VAT. If a trade deal is made between the EU and the UK, nothing will change.
If a trade deal is not made before 31st of december 2020, you might have to apply for a VAT registration. It is expected that more information will become available after december 14th.
Update december 11th
As talks are still ongoing not much is yet clear. Deadline for a deal or no-deal Brexit is set on Sunday next (december 13th). Due to this situation and the limited time there is left, severe disturbances are expected at border crossings as of January 1st. Please order products you’d be needing in January in December to avoid massive delays.
Update December 17th
For all shipments to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, no changes are expected. According to our transport partners in Ireland it will be business as usual.
Update December 18th
For the first 4 weeks as of January 1st, extreme delays and disturbances are forecasted at the British border. Due to trucks being stuck at the border, there is limited space available for transport. Please check with your account manager if shipment if possible prior to ordering.
Update December 21st
09:30 GMT+1: The discovery of a new COVID strain has severely limited the transport options towards the UK. All new orders are put on hold till more information is available.
13:50 GMT+1: All orders placed before the weekend as still shipped. We're currently not taking in new orders for the UK as the transport situation is uncertain.
Update December 24th
A press conference has been announced by both the UK and EU. Our team will analyse the outcome when more is known.
Update December 28th
Severe disturbances are still expected as from January 1st. This has an impact on available transport towards the UK. Please check with our customer support team prior to ordering. We're here to assist you.
Update January 1st
Happy New Year! We're looking forward to be able to supply our UK customers again shortly.
Update January 4th
New customs regulations have been issued, we’re updating our system. In the meantime no orders are being shipped to the UK. We’re expecting to send out first test orders with selected customers on January 12th.
Update January 6th
All registered customers will receive an email as soon as delivery is possible again.
Update January 13th
Last minute changes with regards to (customs- and VAT) procedures have caused unexpected delays. Have rounded up all paperwork, currently awaiting confirmation from HMRC. As soon as we hear back from HMRC, we'll directly let you know. Hope to resume business as usual shortly.
Update January 19th
We're still awaiting news from HMRC. As this needs to be tackled before we can ship, no shipments are scheduled for the UK at present.
Update January 25th
No news yet from HMRC. We hope to come back to you soon with better news.
Update February 9th
Still no news from HMRC. Currently investigating setting up an importing Ltd in the UK to speed up the process.
Update February 18th
Today we got word from HMRC. They have received our application but due to the back log it has not been processed yet. They expect to finalize the paperwork within two to three weeks from now. On our end everything is prepared so as soon as we have our GB VAT listing we will be shipping to the UK again.
Update March 1st
HMRC informed us that it currently would take another 10 working days to process the paperwork due to their backlog.
Update March 17th
We're still awaiting information from HMRC. Contacted HMRC, but no news as of yet.
Update March 24th
HMRC informed us that the regular processing time of 10 days is currently 12 weeks. They expect to process our application around April 7th.